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Hey guys, it seems as if a lot of my readers are very technical people, being into gadgets and all.  So I thought I would provide some tutorials on image editing, photo manipulation and graphic creation.  So hopefully this will be the first of many Photoshop tutorials.

Today I am going to show you, how to transfer a photograph onto another to create a realistic looking tattoo.  So if you want to see what you would look like with a tattoo, or if you want to prank your friends into thinking you have a new tattoo then keep on reading.

The Finished Result

For this tutorial you will need
A main image (you can use mine)
Tattoo Image (You can use this file )

The image I will be using can be seen below, your welcome to use it or you can use your own, its entirely up to you.

Lets Begin
First of all load the photo of the person into Photoshop and then press CTRL and J to duplicate the file.  This allows us to have a backup just in case we mess up our image.  Rename this duplicate layer “person”.
Next load up the image you want to use as the tattoo file.  you can duplicate this layer aswel.  Rename the duplicate layer “tattoo”.
If you are using the file I provided for the tattoo you will have to cut out an individual image that you want to use, this is because this file has many of them and we only want to use one or two of the images.  This can be seen below

Now there is a few tools you can use to cut out an image, and if you really have to do a complex cutting out job then you should learn how to use the pen tool, however this current process doesn’t need something as complicated.  The simple Polygonal lasso tool will work.
Select the polygonal lasso tool by clicking on its icon, this can be seen below:

You can also press the “L” key to select the tool.
Cutting out the tattoo is easy, all you have to do is simply click at separate points round the tattoo image and go all round it.  When you have finished clicking around the tattoo click on the very first point to close the path.  This process can be seen below.

Now that you have your image selected, copy the image, you can do this by pressing CTRL and C.  with your new layer copied, make a new file by pressing CTRL and N and then paste the image CTRL and V.  rename this new layer “tattoo image” by double clicking on it.  You should have a file that looks like this:

Select the move tool by pressing V and select the layer of the image that we need to move in this case it’s the layer that holds the “tattoo image” and drag it onto our person file.  you should have something that looks like this.

Now something doesn’t look right, our image looks like it is covered in black paint marks.  The reason for this is because our tattoo image file was too big for our initial persons file.  so to remedy this we need to transform our “tattoo image”. To do this select the tattoo image layer and press CTRL and T.
This will bring the free transform tool into action.  Hold down the arrow key above the CTRL key and click on the square icons that should appear when the transform tool is selected.  If you cant see them simply click the and drag with the mouse until you can see them, they look like the image below.

While holding the arrow key, click on the box where the horizontal and vertical axis meet and drag inwards.  This allows you to adjust the file size by height and width equally.  Drag the tattoo until your happy with the size and then press enter to confirm your transform.  If you make a mistake at any time press enter and then press CTRL and Z, this will undo your last change.  You should now have something that looks like this@

You can also rotate the image with the free transform selected by clicking outside of the image and draggin up or down.  As you can see from our image the tattoo image looks a little grey, we can make this a little darker by pressing CTRL and U, this brings up the hue/saturation adjustment box.

With this box opened, select around the -9 or -10 figure on the lightness scale, this will make our image just that little bit darker.  I also selected the eraser tool and erased a little of the underside of the tattoo so it fit to the models body.
The finished result can be seen below.

Thanks for reading, if you liked this tutorial please check back soon as I will be uploading more.

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