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15 top Sketch plugins

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Rafael Conde giới thiệu với các bạn những sketch plugin mà ông ấy yêu thích, mời các bạn cùng tham khảo:

01. Sketch Toolbox

02. Content Generator

Generate random placeholder content to populate your designs

03. Generate ICNS

Create ICNS files quickly and simply

04. Sketch Dock preview

Preview your work on the OS X Dock

05. Swatches

Type in the HEX values of the colours you want to use and this plugin will generate a palette of swatches

06. Color Contrast Analyser

Find out if your colour combinations meet MCAG guidelines with this plugin

07. Sketch Dynamic Button

08. Generate GIF

09. SketchSquares

10. Generate Android Assets

11. Sketch to App Store

This superhero plugin creates and exports all the screenshots you need for the App Store

12. Sketch Notebook

Include comments for your client in a tasteful sidebar

13. Sketch Measure

Add overlays with useful information to your designs

14. Divine Proportions

See examples of golden spirals or golden ratio grids to help guide your design

15. Send to Slack

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